Best Water Shoes for Men in 2021

best water shoes for men

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You’re off water skating, kayaking, swimming, or doing any other water sports activity, and you’re hoping to get that epic adventure, only to have your feet severely injured by a rock. Suddenly, you’re forced to sit back while your friends are out having the time of their lives.

The truth is these types of accidents are totally avoidable. How, you may ask? Water shoes, of course! And this is one of the ways water shoes are useful; the rest is to come. Without further ado, this article will highlight some of the best water shoes for men.

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The 3 Best Water Shoes for Men in 2021

Mishansha Quick Dry Women's Water Shoes

Mishansha Water Shoes

Best overall
Our Pick ⭐

The Mishansha Mens Water Shoe is our best overall, and I’ll shortly explain why. The shoe features drainage holes for quick drying, as the bottoms have holes for proper water flow, which explains their ultra light weight.

What also plays into these shoes’ lightweight is the spandex upper. It’s wear-resistant, stretchable, and breathable. Add to that the soft, breathable, and quick-drying EVA insole, and you’ve got optimal comfort and durability.

In terms of support and protection, the tough rubber sole and padding ensure that your feet are safe and protected against scrapes and bruises. Therefore, we find them to be ideal for the beach, pool, swimming, surfing, sailing, boating, kayaking, windsurfing, beach volleyball, and much more.

As for the design, any pair of no-tie shoes are a win in our book, and that’s certainly the case with the elastic straps whose tightness you can adjust to fit you. Also, they’re easy to put on and off due to the pull tap at the heel.

Alas, nothing is perfect; although these shoes certainly are close, we have to warn you that they probably are too tight for people with wider feet.


When you think of water shoes for men, you think of functionality, comfort, durability, coverage, and water drainage, and that’s precisely why the Mishansha Water Shoes are the best overall.

Aleader Men's Quick Drying Water Shoes

Alreader's Quick Dry Water shoes

Best aesthetic

When it comes to aesthetics, the Alreader Men’s Quick Drying Water Shoes, our best for fashion, can either be plain or “stylish,” with the latter having more closely weaved mesh holes than the former. You can go for a simple yet fashionable look with the grays or a more bold one with the red and blue or the white, green, and yellow options.

Even better, these shoes excel when it comes to lightweightness and breathability. To avoid getting soggy and heavy, they’ve got big mesh holes, like the Mishansha, that allow for water drainage, only they’re bigger than most water shoes.

Speaking of mesh, it’s hydrophobically engineered for comfort, and it also helps that the soles are cushioned. These are water grip soles designed to up the traction. The shoes fit great, and the rubber pods help your feet stay put.

An inconvenience with this shoe is that their big holes can allow sharp stones to get stuck or sand to get in, but they’ll be easily cleared out too. Although the not-so-great protection might make you hesitate before wearing these shoes to walk on the beach, they’re great for water aerobics.


We highly recommend the Aleader Men’s Quick Drying Water Shoes for water aerobics, as they’re attractive, lightweight, comfortable, and non-slip.

SUOKENI Men's Quick Drying Slip On Water Shoes

Suokeni Men's Water Shoes

Best for Comfort

A significant advantage with the Suokeni Quick Dry Water Shoes is their water drainage system. The upper mesh and holed sole drain off water or sweat in no time and better your shoes’ comfort and breathability.

They are great for lightweight shoes. With the newest fly knit upper materials and MD outsole, these shoes are practically weightless.

Moreover, the lightweight, soft, and elastic sole helps with that and protects your feet, especially your toes, against sharp objects too. This sort of full coverage design is essential in high-quality water shoes.

These water shoes are made of 90% fabric and rubber for the anti-slip soles to provide a reliable grasping performance. Not only are they non-slip, but they’re also stretchable and wear-resistant. A drawback is that the holes might get small rocks stuck in them.


With its quick-drying, lightweight design, protection, comfort, and durability, it’s hard to resist the Suokeni Men’s Quick Drying Slip On Water Shoes.

Final Thoughts

I hope to have made this purchase a much easier one with each of the reviews and  recommendations. Ultimately I’d recommend our best overall, the Mishansha Mens Womens Water Shoes Quick Dry Barefoot. They look awesome and get the job done with top-notch protection, drainage, and comfort.

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