About Us

Welcome to Scuba Yellow Pages!

We’re delighted you’re here and we truly hope that you can find all the information you need while on our website. And if you can’t then do make sure to reach out to us via our contact form and we’ll get back to you.

The People Behind Scuba Yellow Pages

We’re Daniel and Lisa, a couple who met on a scuba diving course on the Thai island of Ko Tao almost 6 years ago but originate from completely different parts of the world; Dan is from the US while Lisa is from Denmark. 

Since meeting we’ve been diving, snorkelling and swimming our way around the world together in some of the most incredible locations this planet has to offer.

We decided to put our brains (and some of our creative energy!) together to publish helpful articles and content to help other budding scuba divers and snorkelers navigate the tricky waters that is purchasing the best equipment and picking the best diving spots.

That’s where we hope to lend a hand with recommendations for all of the above and beyond. Any tips, tricks, anecdotes and companies we like we’ll write up and publish on our blog as well as round up posts of some of the best equipment we’ve personally used and recommend.

Other interests of ours include natural habitat conservation, eco issues and plant based nutrition. We’re always happy to have a conversation on any of these too!

For now here’s a couple of our photos from diving around the globe. We hope you enjoy the website.