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Diving is a very safe recreational activity. We train, we learn, we practice. We begin with shallower, less stressful dives and work our way up to the more advanced diving skills. We take every precaution, yet sometimes accidents still occur. It may or may not be by any fault of our own. It may have been caused by a mistake, a lesser skilled dive buddy, or because of diving physics which we have yet to gain an understanding of. For whatever reason, the accident took place. Are you prepared if the unthinkable happens?
Divers Alert Network, or DAN as most of us know it, is a diving safety organization that addresses our concerns about accidents and dive safety. And before you say, "I'm a good diver and will never have an accident and need the services of DAN" , think again. Whether or not we ever need DAN because of an accident, DAN is always working to help make our sport safer for all. The "Member Services" listed below explains what DAN has to offer every diver and why the small annual membership fee is the best investment you will ever make as a diver.

1. Help in diving emergencies: (919) 684-8111
DAN is a vital organization in the diving community, devoted to helping injured divers. The medical emergency hotline is your lifeline to help in the event of a diving-related injury. Without your support of DAN, emergency medical support for divers would not exist.

2. Alert Diver Magazine.
You can't get divings leading dive safety publication unless you are a DAN member. Alert Diver keeps you up to date bimonthly on the latest diving research as well as provides special information you can use to make your next dive safer and more enjoyable.

3. DAN
TravelAssist air evacuation benefits.
As a DAN member you are enrolled automatically in the TravelAssist medical evacuation program. It's your access to evacuation in a medical emergency when you trave more than 100 miles from home. (subject to terms and conditions)

4. DAN's Medical Information Line: (919) 684-2948
When you have questions about your health and how it might affect your diving, you can call DAN's Medical Information Line. Whether it's to find a diving doctor in your immediate area, or to find out about diving after surgery, the Medical Information Line is there to serve you.

5. DAN medical research.
DAN is a leading organization in the the dive industry, conducting research into diving physiology. Programs like the Flying after Diving studies, and Project Dive Safety, supported almost entirely from member dues and contributions, are revealing important information that help to make our recreation safer.

6. DAN dive accident insurance.
As a DAN member, you can purchase DAN Dive Accident Insurance, the most comprehensive available to divers. This insurance gives you the help you need with the medical bills incurred if you have a diving-related accident.

7. Promotion and exploration of diving issues.
DAN is recognized as the first source of information when it comes to safe, enjoyable diving. DAN assists dive professionals by providing information on the use of emergency oxygen and communicates with the insurance industry on issues affecting your life insurance premiums.

8. Support of the DAN Recompression Chamber Assistance Program.
Your member dollars help support the network of hyperbaric facilities worldwide. Your support helps provide ongoing education in the operation of these much-needed facilities in the Caribbean and around the world.

9. Safety seminars and educational materials.
DAN diving safety seminars and clinics are held on a regular basis throughout North America. DAN's educational materials provide unique insights into diving accidents. Also, DAN sponsors clinics for medical professionals to help them understand the unique needs of divers like you.

10. DAN oxygen first aid program.
Oxygen is the key to successful treatment of a scuba diving injury. DAN pioneered an oxygen first aid course for recreational divers in 1991. As a member, you can keep abreast of when and where the courses are held.

11. The DAN Dive and Travel Medical Guide.
With extensive of diving safety and health issues and the latest information on dive travel safety, the updated DAN Dive & Travel Medical Guide is an essential tool for prevention, identification and treatment of diving injuries.

12. DAN Tag (TM), rental car discounts, DAN/MBNA MasterCard and more.
DAN members are eligible to purchase the DAN Tag, the only medical ID tag licensed by DAN. As a DAN member, you are eligible for rental car discounts with Alamo and Hertz. You also can apply for the DAN/MBNA MasterCard, pay no annual fee and get a low introductory rate the first year. Proceeds from the DAN Tag, car rentals and credit card go to support important DAN medical research.

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