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Aqua Amigos Scuba Club
Cleveland, Ohio
Meeting Times: Second and fourth Wednesday of the month.
Meeting Place: Euclid YMCA
Contact: aquaamigos@gmail.com
Web Address: http://AquaAmigos.com
Fun! Adventure! Tradition!
Aqua Amigos Scuba Club offers all of these and more. Our club provides Cleveland Area divers and their families the opportunity to pursue and share their mutual interest in the underwater world. The Club's greatest resource is fellowship among member divers, both experienced and novice. You need never again be at a loss to find a dive buddy. Each year, Our Club plans an extensive and varied calendar of dives. The dives are tailored to appeal to divers of any level. We have been active since 1958. In addition to diving, the club offers a variety of other activities for members and their families and friends - parties, picnics, canoeing, skiing, to name a few. The Club also has a library of diving related material. Come check it out.


Lakewood, Ohio
Meeting Time: 8:30pm First Wednesday of each Month
Meeting Place: Lakewood YMCA
Contact: Joeandmery@juno.com or 216-651-0747
Web Address: http://aquamastersoflakewood.freeservers.com/
Aqua Masters is a Diving Club established in 1957. We hold tune-up dives once a month at the local quarrys and a large list of wreck dives both locally and long distance. Members are invited to use the YMCA pool on Fridays. Members also enjoy great discounts on new gear purchased at Aqua- Specialist. For More information e-mail, call, or attend one of our monthly visits.

Bay Area Divers

Sandusky Ohio
Meeting Time: usually the last Thursday of the month
Meeting Place: usually Chet & Matt's Pizza's private room
Contact: jim.linda.wilson@gmail.com
Web Address: www.bayareadivers.net
Bay Area Divers was formed in 1983 and is well known for hosting the annual Shipwrecks & Scuba Conference(www.shipwrecksandscuba.com)at Sawmill Creek Resort & Conference Center in Huron Ohio.
Our club offers a wide variety of activities to appeal to a cross-section of divers and shipwreck enthusiasts.

Buckeye Divers

Columbus Ohio
Meeting Times: 8PM on the second Tuesday of each month
Meeting Place: Tommy's Pizza, 1350 West Lane Avenue, Columbus, Ohio 43221
Contact: George Tierney - DennisLaRue@columbus.rr.com
Web Address: http://www.buckeyedivers.net/
Buckeye Divers is a small group of active divers located in Central Ohio. Our main interest is in wreck diving though our members have a wide range of interests and diving experience.

Columbus Sea Nags
Columbus, OH
Meeting Time: First Thursday of the month at 8pm
Meeting Place: Planks, 743 Parsons Avenue, Columbus OH
Contact: lpansing@hotmail.com
Web Address: www.seanags.com
The Columbus Sea Nags is one of the oldest scuba clubs in existence. It was formed around 1957 by a policeman, an Ex-Navy frogman, a county parks director, and a YMCA physical education teacher. The founding Sea Nags were dedicated athletes whose idea of a good time was to join the Navy's frogmen for underwater demolition exercises. All four were avid divers dedicated to sharing their love of the underwater world with others.

In 1957, scuba diving was in its infancy and quite a novelty. The Cousteau television show was far in the future and the average person looked upon underwater adventure as we now do space exploration. However, as scuba gear became more available and more people became trained in its proper use, the Sea Nags, along with similar clubs, grew rapidly. The profile of the typical scuba enthusiast changed from the underwater daredevil to the recreational diver. Today, the club's members come from all walks of life and boast an age range of five decades. All levels of diving are represented in the club, from beginners to instructors and technical divers. Just as scuba diving changed over the years, so has the Columbus Sea Nags. However, one basic tenet remains the same, it's members love to dive and to share their underwater knowledge and skills with others.

Club members pursue their sport from the northern most of the Great Lakes to the tropical seas, and they dive all year long even in Ohio. It's a rare weekend indeed, when no club members are diving an Ohio quarry. To some, finding ice on a quarry is no deterrent, it's a treat! In addition, a number of Sea Nag members are trained cave divers and veteran explorers of the underwater cave systems of northern Florida and Akumal Mexico.

Gavia Scuba Club
Cincinnati Ohio
Meeting Times: Third Thursday (except December)
Meeting Place: Pusch's Restaurant, 495 Nilles Rd., Fairfield, OH
Contact: Mark Beatty 513-932-5983,
E-Mail: mbeatty@gavia.com
Website: Gavia Scuba Club

Kittyhawk Scuba Club
Dayton, Ohio
Meeting Times: Third Tuesday
Meeting Place: Elsa's Restaurant - Centerville
Contact: president@kittyhawscuba.org
Web Address: http://kittyhawkscuba.org
Independent scuba club in the Greater Dayton, Ohio area. member club of the Ohio Council of Skin & Scuba Divers, Inc.

MisFit Divers
Niles, Ohio USA
Meeting Times: As announced via email
Meeting Place: Treasure Cove Scuba
Contact: scuba@misfitdivers.com
Web Address: www.misfitdivers.com
MisFit Divers is a group cold water divers looking for anything but sea level in the quarries and lakes along the North Coast of America.

North-Coast Aquatic Scuba Explorers
Cleveland, Ohio
Meeting Time: Second Saturday of the month
Meeting Place: Noon at the Beachwood Public Library, Richmond & Shaker Blvd.
Contact: lindacarterrn@sbcglobal.net
Web Address: www.n-casedivers.org
A small minority club that just celebrated our Ten Year Anniversity! We are dedicated to promoting diving for people of all cultures and ethnic backgrounds. We are Charter Members of the National Association of Black Scuba Divers and our members attend their yearly summits throughout the Carribean. We enjoy community projects, camaraderie, enhancing dive skills, and providing a wonderful network of dive buddies for local activities. Come Dive and Grow with Us!

S.O.S. (Southern Ohio Scuba) Dive Club
Portsmouth, OH
Meeting Times: 1st Wednesday of each Month
Meeting Place: UnderWater World Scuba/Sports or Local Quarry
Contact: rstone@emerson-ept.com

Springfield Scuba Society
Springfield, Ohio
Meeting Times: Third Wednesday of each Month
Meeting Place: various members homes
Contact: Bill Lewis 937-323-2545
The Springfield Scuba Society is a small but active family oriented club. We plan two dives a month from April thru October. Every other year we go to an "exotic" location such as San Sal, Cayman, Cuzumal, Roatan someplace that has better vis than at home! Club members also enjoy white water rafting, paint ball, movies and eating out.

T.A. Dive Club
Location: Reynoldsburg, Ohio
Meeting Times: Third Wednesday of every month
Meeting Place: Old Summit Town Restaurant
Contact: Tim Broderick or Randy Borden in members section on Members Page www.tadiveclub.com
Web Address: http://www.tadiveclub.com
The T.A. Dive Club is the largest dive club in Ohio dedicated to the PADI continuing education program. T.A. was the first D.A.N. platinum club sponsors in the U.S.

Underwater Adventurers Scuba Club
Dublin, OH
Meeting Time: 3rd monday every month 7pm

Meeting Place: digger finch resturant n rte 257 (riverside drive)north of rte 161
Contact: Bob Lucas 614-439-5610,
Email: president@underwateradventurers.com
Web Address: http://www.underwateradventurers.com/

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