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Calgary Sub Aquatic Club
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Meeting Times: 2nd Tuesday of every month.
Meeting Place: Sunfish Scuba shop
Contact: divedad@telusplanet.net
This is a very informal club, with no set rules or guidelines. Every member is expected to pull his or her own weight regarding club functions. One of (if not) the oldest clubs in Alberta, we pride ourselves on having a good time diving and promoting diving to interested parties.Come and join us! You won't be sorry you did!

Canadian Sport Divers
Belleville, Ontario, Canada
Meeting Times: 7:30 Last Wednesday Of Each Month
Meeting Place: YMCA, Belleville
Contact: rosescuba@sympatico.ca
Web Address: home.cogeco.ca/~csdivers
We do diving in the Belleville, Kingston, Picton, and Prescott areas. Active club with about 90 members. Several dives organized throughout the spring/summer/fall.

Chilliwack Scuba Club
Chilliwack, B.C., CANADA
Meeting Times: 7:30 PM, 2nd Tuesday of each month.
Meeting Place: Announced on the web site
Contact: mikeydiver@cwk.imag.net
Web Address: http://www.chilliwackscuba.com
We are a very active club with a wide variety of experience ranging from instructors to divers who have just been certified. Benefits include monthly newsletter, site information, buddy list, reduced rates on charters, equipment discounts at selected stores, pool sessions during winter, lectures, plus a whole lot more!
Annual Events include:
New Years Day Dive
Valentines Day Ice Dive
Earth Day Clean-up
Treasure Hunt
Lady Rose Dive
Pumpkin Carving

Guests are always welcome at club meetings. If you are newly certified, probably the best move you can make is to join a dive club, where you will get a buddy list, plus access to experience and knowledge.

Great Lakes Underwater Explorers
The mission of the Great Lakes Underwater Explorers (G.L.U.E.) is to promote the exploration, identification, documentation and appreciation of Ontario's marine heritage. G.L.U.E. is a Kingston, Ontario based not-for-profit organization that is operated exclusively for public and charitable purposes

Hamilton Area Divers Association (HADA)
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Contact: jafriend@cogeco.ca
WWW: http://home.cogeco.ca/~jafriend/hada/
HADA is fast becoming one of the most popular groups around for area Divers to stay active in Sport Diving. What we offer is an inexpensive way for you to be part of one of the most active dive associations in the Golden Horseshoe Area. As a member of HADA you will receive a copy of our custom designed HADA Dive Log, and the ever important Members Telephone Listing. In HADA, members are encouraged to plan their own charters and fill that charter with HADA members through the use of the Members Telephone Listing. Because of this unique approach, you will find more, and varied opportunities to dive than you will probably have time for. The best part of all this is that it will only cost you $15.00 per Diver, or $20.00 per Family.

London Skin & Scuba Club
London, Ontario
Meeting Times: Wednesday 7pm
Meeting Place: Carling Heights Community Center
Contact: info@londonskinscuba.org
Web Address: http://www.londonskinscuba.org
The London Skin & Scuba Club is an ACUC International Training Club, which welcomes divers from all certifying agencies.

We not only train new divers, but run charters and dive trips for new and experienced divers in a safe and relaxed atmosphere.

Our membership includes people of all ages and backgrounds, which makes for a very interesting and diverse group.

If you want to improve your skills, find some new buddies or just make new friends, we're the club for you.

Manitoba Underwater Council
Province Wide
Contact: info@manunderwater.com
Web Address: www.manunderwater.com
The Manitoba Underwater Council (MUC)'s mandate is to promote safety and participation in SCUBA Diving and other Underwater Sports (e.g., Snorkelling, Underwater Football, and Underwater Hockey) in the province of Manitoba.

Mermaid Hunters
Bowen Island, BC Canada
Meeting Times: Various
Meeting Place: On Site
Contact: halrossca@yahoo.ca
Web Address: http://www.geocities.com/halrossca/bowenislanddive
Other that myself the group is made up new divers. We are hoping to establish an air station on Bowen Island. This would increase our bubble time.

Nervous Wrecks Dive Club
Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada
Meeting Times: 7:00 pm on 2nd Tuesday of each month...
Meeting Place: Sydney Curling Club
Contact: scuba@courseworld.com (902)562-6061
Web Address: http://www.geocities.com/cbdive1/wrecks.html
Join us for a great dive experience in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia.

Niagara Divers Association (NDA)
About 50 members from around the Niagara Region, Ontario, Canada
Meet the 1st Tuesday of each month. 7:30pm at the St. Catharines, Public Library on Church St. St. Catharines, Onatrio, Canada
During the summer months are monthly meetings are replaced by weekly Niagara River Drift Dives.
Contact: Cliff Sumbler, e-mail executive@niagaradivers.com

North Bay Aquatic Club
North Bay, Ontario, Canada
Meeting Times: 1st Monday of every month, 7 pm EST
Meeting Place: To Be Announced
Contact: byonick@byonick.com
Web Address: http://nbac2001.tripod.com
The NORTH BAY AQUATIC CLUB INC. is a newly formed not for profit organization that is dedicated to the promotion, excitement and enjoyment of water sports. The Club has it's own constitutional by-laws, mission statement and is otherwise strictly governed by Robert's Rules of Order (Parliamentary Procedure). This democratic organization will hold monthly meetings as well as yearly elections for new executive members.

The NORTH BAY AQUATIC CLUB is dedicated to personal development by providing access to relevant education, and training in an environment of safety, trust, equality and mutual respect.

Sarnia Underwater Club
Sarnia, Ontario, Canada
Meeting Place: Sarnia-Lambton YMCA
Contact: Harold Cohen, (519)-332-5596
E-Mail: hcohen@ebtech.net
Comments: Please contact us for meeting details.

Scarborough Underwater Club Inc.

Centennial Recreation Centre
Meeting Time: Monday nights
Meeting Place: 1967 Ellesmere Road, Scarborough
Contact: suci@sympatico.ca
Web Address: www.suci.ca
Have you ever imagined what if feels like to breathe under water, explore one of Ontario's many shipwrecks, gently drift dive down a river or discover coral reefs and exotic fish in tropical seas? If so, SUCI can help you realize your dream. The club offers a variety of diver training, including Open Water, Advanced, Rescue and more. We plan dives in Ontario during the summer and to sunnier destinations every winter. We enjoy gathering together at 9 p.m. every Monday night at Centennial Pool to chat, swim and play SUCI ball, and hold general membership meetings at 7:30 on the second Monday of every (non-summer) month. We also enjoy giving back to our community and arrange events throughout the year to do so. Come check us out!

South Western Ontario Divers Association

London, Ontario
Meeting Time: Varying Mondays at 8pm
Meeting Place: Elephant and Castle Restaurant, Galleria Mall
Contact: president@swoda.ca
Web Address: www.swoda.ca
One of the largest clubs in Ontario, SWODA runs many dive trips throughout the year and has a variety of members ranging from the new open water diver to the experienced tech diver. There is always something going on for all types of divers. Check us out!

Subaquatic Society of Canada
Meeting Time: n/a
Meeting Place: n/a
Contact: info@subaquaticsociety.ca
Web Address: http://www.subaquaticsociety.ca
We're the only club that is Canada wide, bringing divers from smaller communities and from Coast to Coast together. Add a dive site to our wreck wiki or find a buddy. We'd love to talk to you: Toll-Free: 1-855-CAN-DIVE (226-3483)
Twitter: CanuckDiving
Google+: Subaquatic Society of Canada
Facebook: Subaquatic Society of Canada

Top Island Econauts
Canada, BC, Northern Vancouver Island
Meeting Times: every first Tuesday/month, 7.30 PM
Meeting Place: Old School, Port McNeill
Contact: Jackie Hildering; 250-956-3525
Web Address: http://www3.telus.net/public/earthent/
The Top Island Econauts Dive Club was established in 1975 to promote safe and environmentally sound recreational diving on Northern Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada.The Top Island Econauts are dedicated to sharing expertise and adhering to safe practice. The Club practices a strict "no touch, no take" approach and has a strong commitment to marine research and education.

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