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Australia, Perth
Meeting Times: 7:30pm, 2nd Wednesday of every month
Meeting Place: Mount Flora Museum, Elvire Street, Waterman, Perth
Contact: memoff@scuba2.asn.au
Web Address: www.scuba2.asn.au
Independant social scuba diving club since 1987. Monthy shore and night dives, regular social activities, and dive trips up and down the West Australian coast.

Melbourne BSAC
Meeting Time: Fourth tuesday of every month

Meeting Place: Maori Chief
Contact: info@bsac.org.au
Web Address: www.bsac.org.au
A club of circa 30 regular divers, out of Melbourne, Australia. The club comprises 75% instructors, who provide training on a purely at cost basis, and is a member of BSAC.

Scuba Warehouse Dive Team
Parramatta, Sydney, Australia
Meeting Times: 7pm 2nd Thursday of month
Meeting Place: 55 George Street, Parramatta Sydney
Contact: judith@scubawarehouse.com.au
Web Address: http://www.scubawarehouse.com.au
Shore dives every Saturday and Sunday morning, club boat dive every Sunday, sailing/dive day once a month, picnic BBQ day once a month. Meets every Thursday evening for drinks, guest speaker on 2nd Thursday of month. All divers & snorkellers welcome, particularly visitors to Sydney.

Underwater Explorers Club of W.A.
Meeting Times: 2000
Meeting Place: Swan Yacht Vlub
Contact: austasia@iinet.net.au
Web Address: www.underwaterexplorersclub.net
UEC was formed in 1954 and is still going as a non-profit dive club. We do regular trips to Rottnest and nearby islands outside Perth all year round (weather permitting). We dive from the club's own vessel that comfortably takes 20 divers. A monthly newsletter is published.
Non-divers are also welcome to join the club. We have a strong social section for friends and family to enjoy.

University of Western Australia University Underwater Club
Perth, Western Australia
Meeting Times: 8pm Thursday nights
Meeting Place: The Captain Stirling Hotel
Contact: info@uuc.org.au
Web Address: http://www.uuc.org.au
The University of Western Australia University Underwater Club has been operating for over 25 years and has steadly built up its resources, with a stable membership at around 200-250.

The club owns an 8-meter dive boat, the TANTABIDDI, which can hold 12 divers. We also own a dual cab tray back truck to tow the boat. We maintain almost 30 sets of gear (BCD, regs, tank) with about 20 extra tanks. Many of the regulators have dive computers. All the equipment is monitored and serviced regularly. And gear hire is so cheap, many members put off buying their own.

The club dives locally at weekends with trips to other dive locations in Western Australia such as Busselton, Albany, Esperance, and Exmouth throughout the year.

The club meets socially every Thursday night in a local bar just to hang out and meet other divers or people interested in diving.

Wallaroo Scuba Club

Meeting Time: 6.30
Meeting Place: 42 East Terrace Wallaroo 5556
Contact: mark@peppertreefurn.com.au
Web Address: www.wallarooscubaclub.com.au
The Wallaroo Scuba Club is a recreational dive club and was Founded by Mark Tozer in 2011, consisting of scuba diving enthusiasts who get together in the name of fun and diving. Purely a social crowd, the Wallaroo Scuba Club explore there local waters together and are trying to do their part to keep Wallaroo's reefs and other recreational dive spots preserved for future generations.

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