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While Japan is gradually becoming known to divers around the world, it has been well known to locals for many years. This island nation sandwiched between the Pacific Ocean to the west and the Sea of Japan to the east, boasts spectacular ice flows in the Sea of Okhotsk to the north to the tropical waters of Okinawa.

Japan has the most diverse climate in Asia which is evident in the weather patterns from north to south as well as the temperatures underwater. A warm tropical current rushes in from the south from the tropics while a cold current brings icy waters south from the Arctic ocean.The end result is that divers can enjoy everything from tropical coral reefs to kelp forests, and even ice diving.

The Izu Peninsula is the most popular dive area and has the largest number of dive sites on the mainland, while on the west coast, Osezaki is known as the number one dive site in Honshu.

If you’re looking for tropical waters, the popular Okinawa Islands are the place to be. Further East, the Ogasawaras (also known as the Bonin Islands) consist of four island groups: the Keitas, the Chichijimas, the Hahajimas, and offer some excellent warm water diving as well.

Diving is also gaining in popularity in northern Japan, especially around Aomori and on Sado Island in the Sea of Japan. For ice diving head up to Hokkaido and the spectacular ice drifts in the Sea of Okhotsk.

Japan covers a large north/south area. These are averages for different regions.
Sapporo (North) Winter 26.4F -3.1C Spring 43.0F 6.1C Summer 72.0F 22.2C Fall 52.9F 11.6C
Tokyo (Central) Winter 45.7F 7.6C Spring 58.1F 14.5C Summer 81.9F 27.7C Fall 65.8F 18.8C
Naha (Okinawa) Winter 64.2F 17.9C Spring 69.3F 20.7C Summer 82.4F 28.0C Fall 79.2F 26.2C

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