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About French Polynesia

The French Polynesian Islands are a scattering of small jewels, and there are 118 of them. The first glimpse of Tahiti and its islands gained by the traveling diver when arriving by plane reveals the riotous jade and turqoise tones of lagoons and the tumultuous tangle of reefs, with their passages and rocky outcrops plumbing the depths of the abyss.

Tahiti is the main island and the one most people have heard of. It is the best place to see corals (hard and soft) and to do Wall dives and wreck dives. Shark feeding is also available. The dives are easy.

Bora Bora, the most famous of the leeward islands, is well-known for its abundant marine life - pelagics in general, manta ray in particular. The manta rays are often found solitary, but it's not uncommon to encounter groups of up to 10 swimming in the shallow as well as deep waters and in strong currents running in and out as they feed through the passes in the coral reef.

Moorea is considered to be the top spot for diving in the Society Islands. Moorea's coral reefs are well preserved with abundant marine life and the visibility is often greater than 130 feet.

Raiatea/Tahaa and Huahine diving is excellent within the large Raiatea-Tahaa lagoon. The size of the lagoon and the numerous passes offer plenty of diving opportunities. There are many good dive sites just off-shore from Uturoa, with trenches, reefs, caves and walls.

Air Travel To Tahiti / French Polynesia

From London
via Los Angeles with Air New Zealand (4 per week), 19 h 20m flight time.

From Frankfurt
via Los Angeles on Air New Zealand in codeshare with Lufthansa (once per week) via Paris on Air France (3 per week) with a flight-time of 19h 50m.

From Madrid
via Santiago with Lan Chile (2 per week), 24 hours flight time and via London with Air New Zealand (4 per week), 22 hours flight time. As well, via Paris on Air France (3 per week) with a flying time of 20h45.

From Milan
via Paris with Air France (3 per week), 20h05m flight time.

From Oslo
via Paris with Air France (3 per week), 21 hoursm flight time.

From Vienna
via Paris with Air France (3 per week), 20h40m flight time.

From Stocholm
via Paris with Air France (3 per week), 21h15m flight time.

From Paris
via Los Angeles: Air France (3 per week), Air Lib (see Corsair) (3 per week) and Corsair (1 per week), Air Tahiti Nui (2 per week), flight time of 18h30m.

From Los Angeles
Air France plus Air Tahiti Nui, the Tahitian company (3 per week), and Air New Zealand (4 per week); the flight takes 7 h 30m.

From Honolulu
(once per week) on Hawaiian Airlines with 5 hours flying time.

From Santiago de Chile
via Easter Island on Lan Chile (2 per week) and a 10 hours flying time.

From Sydney
via Auckland, on Polynesian Airlines in codeshare with Qantas Airways and Air Tahiti Nui (2 per week), on Air Tahiti Nui code-sharing with Qantas Airways (1 per week) and Air New Zealand (4 per week) and a flying time of 8 hours.

From Auckland
On Polynesian Airlines in codeshare with Qantas Airways and Air Tahiti Nui (2 per week), on Air Tahiti Nui code-sharing with Qantas Airways (1 per week), as well as Air New Zealand (5 per week including 1 via Nadi/Rarotonga); the direct flight takes 5 hours.

From Nouméa
On Air Calin, (2 per week with one via Wallis). A journey of 6 hours

From Tokyo and Osaka
On Air Tahiti Nui once per week to Tokyo, 11 hours flight time, as well as once per week to Osaka after 12 hours. Air Tahiti Nui operates two direct flights per week to Tokyo, and also operates a triangular flight Papeete - Tokyo - Osaka - Papeete once per week.

Entry Requirements

French nationals only require a National Identity Card for a stay in Polynesia. However, they are strongly advised to be in possession of a passport valid for six months longer than their return date, in case of any extended or unforeseen stopover in the United States.

The nationals of Monaco and Switzerland may visit without a visa for up to three months, as may nationals of the European Union as well as nationals of Andorra, tha Vatican, Cyprus, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Malta, St Martin and Australia.

Canadian nationals are entitled to one month without a visa.

Nationals of Argentina, Bermuda, Brunei, South Korea, Croatia, Hungary, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Poland, the Czech Republic, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, USA, Uruguay, Bolivia, Chile, Costa Rica, Equador, Estonia, Guatemala, Honduras, Latvia, Lithuania, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay and Salvador may also stay for up to one month without a visa.

Nationals from all other countries require a visa which may be obtained from the French Embassy or French Consulate in the country of residence. The visa must be endorsed: "Valid for French Polynesia", which applies also to aliens holding temporary visitor's permits (1 year in Metropolitan France). Aliens holding residence cards from metropolitan France are exempt from visa requirements.

Except for the nationals from the European Union and aliens holding a residency card of 10 years in France for metropolitain France, all foreigneirs entering French Polynesia must have either a return ticket, or pay a refundable repatriation bond upon their arrival.





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