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Bermuda consists of a chain of some 180 coral islands and islets lying 650 miles (1046km) off the coast of North Carolina on the U.S. east coast, in the Atlantic Ocean. Its coastlines are characterised by small bays with beaches of fine pale pink coral sand. The surrounding waters are a blue to blue-green. Inland there is an abundance of subtropical plants and flowers. Hamilton is the colony’s capital city, situated at the end of Bermuda’s Great Sound on the inner curve of the ‘fish hook’. In Hamilton parish is the Bermuda Aquarium and Natural History Museum and Zoo, based at Flatts Village. At the far eastern end of the chain of islands is the 17th-century town of St George. The town’s narrow lanes and historic landmarks appear much as they did hundreds of years ago. St George has many excellent pubs, restaurants and shops. Bermudian specialities include Bermuda lobster, shark and fish chowder laced with sherry, peppers and rum. There are restaurants, cafes, bars and taverns to taste and budget. Local drinks are mainly rum based. Most hotels offer evening entertainment. Local music is a mixture of calypso and Latin American.

Bermuda is tiny by world standards - with a land area of only 21 square miles or 56 square kilometers, but has the most divable shipwrecks in the Western Hemisphere. You’ll find more than five centuries of nautical history waiting for you beneath Bermuda’s waters. A popular site is the 200-foot schooner, the Constellation, Peter Benchley’s inspiration for The Deep. At some sites, shipwrecks are so close to one another, you can explore multiple ships in the same dive.

The waters surrounding Bermuda are home to more than 650 species of marine life, many of them unique to this subtropical island paradise. Among the array of marine life, you’ll find blue, queen, and Townsend angelfish, clown wrasse, rainbow parrotfish, rock beauty, blue chromis, foureye butterfly fish, spotted puffer, triggerfish, and hundreds more. From the gigantic purple sea fans to the brain coral and sea anemones, you’ll discover a breathtaking variety of incredible sea creatures in the underwater world of Bermuda.


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